Tooties On Lowry
Named Best Neighborhood Bar in Minneapolis
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Tooties Trio (Cheese curds,deep fried green beans & hot pepper cheese things- served with ranch) $8.95
French Fries Full Order $4.50
French Fries 1/2 Order $3.50
Seasoned Fries Full Order $5.95
Seasoned Fries 1/2 Order $3.75
Onion Rings $5.25
Hot Breadsticks (basket of five) $5.95
Butterfly Shrimp $7.75
Chicken Strips $6.75
Hot Pepper Cheese Things (served with salsa) $5.50
Mac & Cheese Bites (served with ranch) $5.50
Cheese Curds (served with ranch) $6.95
Deep Fried Green Beans (served with ranch) $5.50
Wings & Shrimp (4 wings, 3 shrimp, and Toast) $7.50
New- Cheese Quesadilla (topped with lettuce & tomato, served with salsa) $5.25
New- Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla (buffalo chicken and bleu cheese crumbles) $7.25
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